Who does what: The Playing Positions in Netball

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The rules of netball are quite simple. Netball has seven players from each side at any given time, with each restriction applied respectively to the concerned seven players. The restriction of the area-specific role is key as it plays a pivotal role in the functionality of the team to play as one unit, and hence, teamwork plays the utmost importance in this sport.

Here are the different roles that the players play in the netball court:

Centre (C)

One of the most flexible players on the court is the Centre. The ability to move the most gives them the distinctive responsibility of being a crucial cog in the unit and hence, have the duty to remain extremely fit and good running capacity. Some of the Centre’s primary roles include:

  • Aligning with the wing attack to create solid attacking plays and pass the ball to the shooters.
  • Take the centre pass after every second restart.
  • Work in close connection with the WD to put pressure on the opposition during the time of their attack.
  • Take throw-ins, free passes in the goal third.

Wing Attack (WA)

The Wing Attack is known as the playmaker of the team because of the role they play in the team. They are permitted to go into the two attacking thirds of the court but not in the goal circles. It’s essential for the Wing Attack to remain attacking at all times and have a smart brain to work around. Here are some of their key responsibilities:

  • To be on the receiving end of the centre pass.
  • Wing Attack creates the link between the defence and attack on the court.
  • Wing Attack is responsible for the free passes and throw-ins in the attacking third.
  • Defending the opposition WD to avoid counter-attacks.

Goal Shooter (GS)

The Goal Shooter of the team is usually the tallest in the team as they are responsible for scoring the bulk of the goals. They are responsible for the below goals:

  • Working with the GA to ensure the ball goes through the hoop through a combination of short and accurate passes.
  • The ability to gather the missed rebounds.
  • Defending the opposition GK to avoid the possibility of a sharp encounter.

Goal Attack (GA)

The Goal Attack shares the responsibility of scoring along with the Goal Scorer (GS). The Goal Attack primarily works in tandem with the GS to ensure that. They are permitted to be inside the two attacking thirds of the court.

  • Sharp hand-eye co-ordination to observe moments when the GS is free to attempt to shoot a goal.
  • If the GS is guarded, the Goal Attack must have equally good shooting abilities to ensure the points flow in.
  • The ability to pass well within the team and also shoot with accuracy from the outer edge of the circle.

Goal Keeper (GK)

The Goal Keeper of the team remain within the premises of the defensive court and seldom leave their defensive goal. Their primary roles are:

  • Have great hands to stop attempts of scoring.
  • Rebound the missed shots for goals and initiate counter-attack quickly.
  • To work near the GD to stop the opposition from scoring goals

Goal Defence (GD)

The Goal Defence is a crucial part of the defensive team. They need to be on the ball at all times to let the opposition stop scoring. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Mark the GA in close observation to avoid them from getting the ball.
  • Defensive abilities to stop shots on the goal.
  • Providing a helping hand to the GK to allow the launch of a counter-attack.

Wing Defence (WD)

Wing Defence is the brick of the defensive team. They can’t enter the defensive goal circle but can play in the defensive two-thirds of the court. Their duties include:

  • Defending the WA to avoid their influence on the game.
  • Interception and blocking of passes.
  • Putting pressure and coerce errors on the opposition WA and GA at all times possible.
  • Taking the throw-ins and free passes wherever deemed necessary.

These were the playing positions in Netball and the significance of each role they play in forming a team that plays as one complete unit.


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Netball 101

Netball 101

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