Top 7 benefits of playing Netball for kids

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In today’s world, obesity in kids is becoming an increasingly big ordeal. Kids need to remain fit from a young age not to become prone to cardio-vascular diseases that could hamper their growth and potentially their career later on. Netball is a sport that’s useful for many reasons, apart from aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are our top 7 tips of playing Netball that will be beneficial to kids right from a ripe young age.

1. Social exposure

Netball being a team sport, allows kids to interact, observe, and learn with other fellow kids and understand the functionality of teamwork along with team sport. It’s also the right platform for girls and boys to come under one roof and learn how to work together in a controlled atmosphere. The primary requirement to execute the game of netball needs a team to attack, score, and defend goals successfully. This becomes a vital lesson from kids early on their lives to understanding the importance of a properly functioning unit and the means to achieve it.

2. Physical well-being

Netball is an active outdoor sport and requires one’s body to remain physical and flexible at all times. It gives children a golden opportunity to improve their heart functionality, physical strength, agility, flexibility, and in general, the overall well-being of a young body. Since in netball accuracy plays a vital role in terms of constrained movement within a designated space, kids also get the grip of improved hand-eye co-ordination through ball drills early on their lives that helps achieve high reaction times.

3. Cost-effective sport

One of the best attributes of netball is that it’s not an expensive game and requires minimal investment. Unlike racquet sports that has a primary requirement of buying a particular piece of equipment, all netball players need to buy is appropriate netball clothing, sports shoes, and a ball to practice with to go on. Most importantly, the skills required to better one’s understanding in netball doesn’t need a proper court to practice on and instead, can be done in any nook and corner.

4. Decision-making abilities

Kids may find themselves running short as well as long-distance throughout the game with the right change in direction and accuracy. It helps a child understand the importance of patience as well as timely movements at one go. So, as the kids evolve, they’ll get better in decision-making and time-based decisions as they’ve been in a situation like this before in their childhood.

5. Benefits of co-ordination

Netball’s primary requirement to play is the necessity of coordination and being good at it. Being a team game, kids will be required to pass the ball in an orderly fashion to their fellow team members to either attack or defence and achieve their target of outscoring their opponents. Along with that, different kinds of passes exist within a game such as a chest pass or a waist pass. Such passes need to be coordinated well, and this exercise will help a kid nurture that ability to the core.

6. Team-building exercise

Unlike most sports, Netball doesn’t give the liberty for players to go for individual glory. Which most definitely means that kids would understand the importance of team-building to achieve a goal. That’s a valuable skill that’s earned at a very young age because, in the court, a player can’t move to the other side of the court unless the ball is kept passing on to the designated person.

7. Leadership qualities

Even though it’s not an individual sport that puts the spotlight on one player, netball presents the opportunities for all the players to step up to the task and perform in a coordinated manner. It helps kids understand the importance of everyone stepping up to the plate at any required time for their team.

To conclude, netball gives a golden opportunity not just to help kids pick an enjoyable hobby or an outdoor sport at a young age but also a chance to hone their psychological and mental well-being coupled with invaluable lessons in team-work, co-ordination, leadership, selflessness that will go a long way into helping children making more significant decisions in life and become mature at an early age with the right learnings.


Netball for kids:

Benefits of Netball for kids:


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Netball 101

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