Top 5 Netball drills for juniors

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To develop netballs skills regular practice for kids is essential, especially in a sport that relies heavily on team-work, co-ordination, body strength, and core agility. One of the most significant elements of becoming a great netball player is to incorporate specific drills right at a young age when the mind and body both function and pick up things early on. We enlist for you the top 5 Netball drills for juniors along with some basic beginner drills for shooting that will be handy for kids if they want to pick up Netball even as a hobby or a profession later on.

Shooting practice

Balance – One of the core components overall in Netball is balance. While only maintaining the right pose and stability in the legs, it helps you balance. Try to balance your body on your feet that are shoulder-width apart and face towards the goal.

  • Eyes – Focus is essential because you need to train where to point and shoot. Focus just above the netball ring while you’re shooting
  • Elbow – Maintain your elbow and face the ring with your arms extended and close to your ear.
  • Follow-through – Follow-through is the process of using a flick of the wrist from your shooting hand that helps in the ball bouncing back in case you miss.

We’ll look at some basic junior netball drills that’ll help them hone the skills for playing netball.

Warm-up of legs

The warming up of legs is critical as it’s pertinent to get your legs warmed up 100 percent before you begin a game. The reason being the legs will be the major workhorse during the game and needs all the strength and endurance it can to last the duration. You can ask players to form 2 parallel lines with 5 feet distance approximately between two. The person who begins the warm-up has the choice of a leg warm-up exercise and begins the drill while the rest follow suit. It then moves on to the 2nd person, so everyone gets to pitch in.

Warm-up of hands

After legs, the hands need to be nice, firm, and strong for quick reaction times during the game. Try to break your team into 2 pairs with each one taking a ball. The players can stand 10 feet away from another with one player holding the ball and other’s hands on their side. The player who possesses the ball uses a chest pass and passes it to the player whose hands are on the side. Upon the completion of the pass is only when the player who doesn’t have the ball can move.

Defence drill

To perform a defence drill, you’ll ideally need seven or more to participate. The exercise starts with the players forming a circle with two players standing inside it. The players inside the loop will begin to pass the ball to one another using a combination of techniques but by calling out the name of the receiver. If the ball gets intercepted or blocked, the person who passed initially comes to the circle.

Shooting drill

To perform this exercise, you’ll need 1 ball, 1 pole, and two players. A player must act as a defender while the other becomes the shooter. The shooter should aim to overpower the arms of the defender by making a powerful shot. The drill needs to be repeated for 10 times until 10 successful shots have been taken. This drill helps in perfecting the shooting technique.

Footwork workout

Footwork plays a pivotal role in netball. Having quick footwork gives you an advantage over your competitors. The players have to get into two circles within the 30-foot square to be distinguished by separate cones. The group in the circle runs clockwise while the group outside the circle runs anti-clockwise. When the coach yells ‘jailbreak’ and from this point, the inside circle must try to escape the square. The way to make the drill harder is by timing how long it takes each team to escape.

If you’re looking to start your kid’s career in Netball, it’ll be beneficial for you to look at some of these drills, which will not just be handy in shaping them to be netball players but also, to make them develop fitness habits.


Netball drills for juniors:

Drills for kids:





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Netball 101

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