Tips to pass, shoot and shield in Netball

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Netball is a game that focusses explicitly on three skill sets to master the game—pass, shield, and shoot. If you want to enhance your skills at playing Netball, we’re providing you with useful tips to get better in the game.


Out of the seven players in the team, only the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack are permitted to shoot at the goal and only from inside the semicircle they’re assigned to. Here are some pro tips to help you learn shooting:

The key to any shooting activity is accuracy, and it’s no different from netball. While positioning yourself with the balance in the legs, you need precision to shoot through the goal. Hence, the stance becomes the most critical factor.

You’re advised to stand with your hips and feet above shoulder-width apart. It will help you to shoot better due to better balance and stability in your legs and body.

Take your commanding hand behind and under the ball. Bend your finger slightly to get some grip in your hand and cradle it with your fingertips. The other hand should be kept on the side to give balance. By doing all this, you give yourself a chance to shoot with the ball with more spin and power.

When you shoot, bend your knees and straighten your back without an arch as that will put unnecessary strain on your back in the long run.

While making your shot, look into the back of the ring. While releasing the ball, give it a flick of your wrist and utilize your finger to impart spin on the ball. It helps in the ball bouncing back towards you, even if you miss it.


Shielding may not earn you points, but it’s not of the most underrated skill in netball. Having great defence prevents the opposition from constants threats of goals. Here are some valuable tips in shielding.

The agenda of shielding is to prohibit any attack from your opponents, and that’s possibly by stopping them from entering where they want to. Keep your position and body stable to block and delay the Wing Attack. Cardio exercises help you keep fit and reflexive exercises help you change directions quickly.

You should raise your hands to defend the ball from being thrown. Avoid keeping your hands to the side. You should also avoid remaining flat-footed on the ground and instead stay on the balls of your feet. It helps in giving an extra spring in the step and a burst of explosiveness.

Being a Goal Attack or a Goal Keeper, your primary duty is to defend. Try to bend at the hips and lean in but not curve your back. It has to be straight at all times. This helps in anticipating a shot from the opponent, and you’re in the best position to intercept or block any threat.


Passing comes with five varieties. Chest pass, bounce pass, lob, overhead pass, and lastly, shoulder pass. You’re advised to practice drilling with one hand as well as both hands to master this skill. Here are some passing tips to improve your netball game.

To make a two-handed bounce and chest pass, keep your palms and thumbs in such a way that there should be a ‘W’ behind the ball. Your elbows should be tucked around your body.

The key to a good pass is to distribute the body weight equally on both feet with one foot just marginally ahead of another. While you push the ball, push it forward with your arms, and also transfer a bit of body weight forward. It helps in attaining extra momentum.

To develop high strength in your calves is essential as it enables you to develop better strength to pass. Your forearms need to be strong to throw the ball with enough strength, and for that, we recommend doing exercises the same.

To practice passing, you don’t need a partner to do it. Just take a pen and mark several spots on the ground and stick tape to it. Stand a bit away from the wall at different intervals, and you can practice both your one-handed as well as two-handed passes.


Pass, shield positions:

How to shoot:



Netball 101

Netball 101

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