The equipment you need to play Netball

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What do you usually need to play Netball? Across all formats, even though the original lasts for 90 minutes, the game of Netball requires a minimum of equipment. Firstly, unlike a racquet sport, there is no equipment that players need to keep in their capacity or buy it. Here’s the list of equipment that you’ll need to play netball.

  • Goalposts
  • Court
  • The Netball itself
  • Clothing and Kit


The court needs to be in particular dimensions and shape namely

  1. Rectangle
  2. Firm and not uneven
  3. Wood (Most often)

For professional leagues, netball players are advised to use sprung wooden floors, which has some rubber or foam underneath it. That’s because it absorbs the shock, thereby giving the flooring a bit of spring for the players to work on.

Even though the above is the prescribed ones, it generally doesn’t matter what court you play in, but keep a note that space should be safe enough to play, not cause injuries, and have ample spaces to pen down your marks. Mostly, netball leagues have a pre-requirement of the court sizes to be in the ratio of 100 ft length and 50 ft width proportion.

Marking the court is essential. Firstly, dividing the court into three equal parts. The courts have a 3 ft circle right in the middle of the court, also more profoundly known as centre circle. The goal circle at each end of the court is marked with a radius of 16 feet.

You may also want to consider having a bench zone right beside the court. That’s the area where the officials and team players can take shelter in. On the opposite side is where traditionally, the audience and media are provided with seating arrangements.


The goalposts are an essential part of the goal circle. Usually, at professional levels, the goalposts are made of a metal ring made from a steel rod. The height of the goalpost is 15 inches in diameter. The metal ring should compulsorily have a net that can be viewed crystal clear by all the players and goes without saying, should be open from the top and bottom. The reason for using a net is that it helps with the visibility of the posts for all players.


The ball is the essential element of playing Netball. Netballs are usually purchased from online stores and local sports shops, but the professional balls are generally bought from big manufacturers. The professional leagues use a spherical match ball with a circumference of 27 inches. Now on to the critical part, the material of the netball concerned.

The ball is usually made either of leather, rubber, or the most commonly availably synthetic material. While one ball is essential to play the game, it’s also generally advisable to keep a spare ball of the same kind in case of loss, tear and wear, etc.

The umpires will compulsorily check the condition of the ball before the game commences.

Clothing and Kit

Moving on from equipment, we take a look at the kind of gear that a netball player needs to wear.

The most important aspect of the kit is that the playing position and the name should be easily visible above the waist. In the front as well as the back. The height of the initials should approximately be around six inches in height and have clear visibility.

Mostly, there’s a blanket rule that each player must compulsorily wear this as a bib throughout the game. It also includes the break time between the quarters. Removal may lead to a penalty from the umpire. The initials for each position are pretty the same. For Goal Shooter, it’s GS, so for the rest of the six positions, the same logic applies to use the first letters of both the two words.

In terms of material of the kit, most of the teams generally opt for some bright-colored tops, polos or jerseys, and women; it’s with skirts or shorts. Some of the most popular materials that are used for netball are ultra-mesh, lycra, micro-mesh. The reason being that these kinds of fabrics allow air to circulate and maintain breathability for the players.

All in all, these were the essential equipment that you need to collect and buy if you want to play Netball. Don’t worry, if you’re not a professional and you still intend to play Netball, all you need is a group of people, a netball, two goal posts just a solid ground to kick it off!


Netball Equipment:
Equipment needed for Netball:

Netball 101

Netball 101

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